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comdirect and Cronto secure financial transactions with photoTAN

CAMBRIDGE, England - - Cronto and comdirect bank AG, a leading direct bank in Germany with over 1.7 million customers, have launched photoTAN today, offering a modern, innovative way to online trading and banking operations for private investors. Cronto’s visual transaction signing solution – CrontoSign, known in Germany as photoTAN – is a simple and effective way to mitigate even very sophisticated attacks by Trojan malware. Read more

Commerzbank and Cronto launch photoTAN for Secure Online Banking Transactions

CAMBRIDGE, England - - Cronto's visual transaction signing solution is deployed by Commerzbank AG, the second largest bank in Germany, as the next-generation protection for their online banking customers. Starting from February 2013, the CrontoSign solution is helping to keep online customers secure from most advanced attacks poised by Trojan malware specifically targeting online banking. Read more

Cronto Introduces New Visual Transaction Signing Device for Secure Online Banking

CAMBRIDGE, England - - CrontoSign Optical Reader brings unprecedented usability and performance to secure transaction authentication. The Cronto visual transaction signing solution is now available as a state-of-the-art, dedicated hardware optical reader that features a large colour screen, replaceable batteries and a new compact form-factor. Read more

Raiffeisen Switzerland launches Cronto solution for Secure Online Banking [DE] [FR]

CAMBRIDGE, England - - Raiffeisen, a leading Swiss bank, is the first bank in Switzerland to offer Cronto's Visual Transaction Signing Solution as next-generation protection for their online banking customers. Available to customers today, CrontoSign will help to defend online customers from most advanced attacks poised by Trojan malware specifically targeting online banking. Read more

Cronto Launches World's First Visual Transaction Signing Hardware [DE] [FR]

- Cronto(tm) introduces CrontoSign(tm), a revolutionary standalone hardware device for securing online banking transactions against Trojan malware attacks, with an unprecedented combination of convenience and cost of ownership. The CrontoSign device is the perfect companion to the CrontoSign mobile client, offering unrivalled user experience and allowing online banking customers to verify transaction details in a fraction of a second, for secure access to banking services anyplace, anytime. Read more »
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Cronto "App & Sign" Defeats Banking Trojans

- The Cronto Visual Transaction Signing Client for Mobile has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious SESAMES Awards 2010. To be announced on Monday 6th December 2010 at the 25th CARTES & Identification event in Paris, France, the awards present an unchallenged seal of approval in innovation to the winning products. Read more »

Media: USA Today, 29 Jul 10 - Banks seek customers' help to stop online thieves

- ... Litan, the Gartner banking security analyst, says banks need to move away from technologies that rely on common Web browsers, which is where banking Trojans thrive. Handheld optical readers, a more advanced technology, are available from ... Cronto. These devices must be used to take a picture of a visual cryptogram - a secure image produced by the bank - as part of authorizing any cash transfers. Read more »

Security X.0 Blog: 26 Feb, 09 – E-crime crowd-sourcing

- The increasing number of online banking attacks from phishing to trojans has been largely driven by a high Return on Investement (ROI): buy a toolkit, rent a botnet and get access to a high numbers of compromised accounts. It is all about the Economy of Scale - a single piece of malware can infect millions of computers and attack hundreds of banks. Read more »

Security X.0 Blog: Out of Band Authentication... rethought

- Since the beginning of the 2FA "hype", many have advocated that the most reliable way of authentication is when it's taken Out of Band, meaning that authentication happens on a different channel to the one where the action requiring authentication is taking place.
In the online banking world it means using a different channel to the Internet connection to customer's computer (the most insecure banking terminal), generally achieved by providing additional authentication codes via SMS messages or phone calls. ... The issue however is that of cost and availability... Read more »

Media: Handelsblatt, 02 Dec 08 - Online-Banking wird sicherer

- Geld per Internet zu überweisen ist vielen Bankkunden noch zu unsicher. 15 Prozent der Surfer lehnen Online-Banking laut einer aktuellen Umfrage des Security-Spezialisten Avira aus Sicherheitsbedenken ab. 43 Prozent nutzen es zwar, haben dabei aber ein mulmiges Gefühl. Verfahren, die Fotohandys zur Absicherung der Transaktionen nutzen, sollen nun mehr Sicherheit und Nutzerkomfort bringen. Read more »

Press Release: Commerzbank and Cronto Launch Secure Online Banking with photoTAN - World's First Deployment of Visual Transaction Signing Mobile Solution

- UK banking security specialist Cronto and Commerzbank AG, Germany's second largest bank, announced the launch of the first deployment of the Cronto Visual Transaction Signing solution. A number of selected Commerzbank's customers will be able to secure their domestic transfers using the photoTAN mobile phone application. Read more »

Security X.0 Blog: 2FA is dead

- The fundamental problem with two factor (2FA) session authentication is that the approach is vulnerable to Man in the Middle and Man in the Browser attacks. Read more »

Security X.0 Blog: Trusted Path

- Trusted path is quite a common term in security research. It is the basis of many security protocol and application designs, and a security breach of it is one of the most common attack vectors. Read more »
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