CrontoSign Image

Cronto’s patented visual transaction signing offers the ideal blend of enhanced strong security and simplicity of use for the customer.

Cronto’s solution utilises a unique visual challenge contained in a graphical cryptogram consisting of a matrix of coloured dots displayed on the customer's PC screen. The customer uses the camera in his mobile phone or a dedicated hardware device to capture this cryptogram by photographing the screen. If the image is untampered with, the customer is then presented with critical transaction information, like payment details, decoded securely from the visual cryptogram image.

The customer can then check transaction details on the screen of the phone or hardware device to confirm that this transaction is genuine. He is reassured that a Banking Trojan has not altered his payment instruction. An authentication code is then generated on the customer phone or device and is passed back to the bank's server to complete the transaction.

CrontoSign Image

Fast and Reliable

CrontoSign image was designed and developed to address specific requirements of securing financial transactions, in particular, it is:
  • Reliable — works in various light conditions and on various screens and paper
  • Fast — decoding time in less than 1 second
  • High capacity — transfers enough data for various business scenarios
  • Versatile — provides the same experience as a Mobile App or a Standalone Hardware Device