CrontoSign Device

CrontoSign Device

The CrontoSign Device provides a dedicated, state-of-the-art, standalone, portable, highly secure solution for transaction authentication.

Based on the patented Cronto Visual Transaction Signing technology, the transaction data is delivered to the device through the visual channel: a camera at the back of the device automatically captures the Cronto visual cryptogram image from the computer screen instantly decoding, decrypting and displaying transaction details for user verification details in a fraction of a second. The large multi-line display ensures the ease of reviewing of transaction details and the transaction confirmation code.

This level of image processing performance has previously only been available in other industrial applications with high-resolution scanning devices costing hundreds of euros; Cronto is proud to be World's first company to deliver it at a price point competitive for retail banking deployments.

CrontoSign is a fully standalone device and could not be connected to a computer or any wireless network, eliminating the security threats and portability issues.

It is small and portable, low profile and compact, allowing the user to authenticate transactions anytime, anyplace.

Less But Better

Unlike traditional transaction authentication devices that require a user to manually enter payment details, the CrontoSign Optical Reader delivers the true "What You See Is What You Sign" at one touch of a button. Simply power on the device and the camera automatically scans and decodes a valid CrontoSign image, which contains all the (encrypted) data chosen by the bank for transaction verification.
CrontoSign Device Specification

Check and Sign

The large colour display allows to present all payment details in one simple view for user verification. For each transaction, the bank chooses what details to show and how, e.g. highlighting by colour an unusual destination country.

This gives the user the best chance to spot a fraudelent transaction and allows the bank to adapt to the fast-evolving security threats (e.g Trojan + Social Engineering). It also supports an easy introduction of new business cases during the lifetime of the device.

CrontoSign Device Transaction Authentication

Small and Light

The CrontoSign Optical Reader is designed to be a personal device and follow the user whereever they need their online banking.

Using precision engineering allowed Cronto to achieve the maximum of 13.0 mm at the bottom part of the device that hosts 3xAAA batteries – only 2.5 mm more than the diameter of the battery itself.

A highly portable case profile is smaller than a credit card (in height and width) and with the weight of just 67g (including the full set of batteries) it makes the device both pocket and bag friendly.


CrontoSign Device Dimensions